Deppart Prototype 2023

Deppart Prototype is an innovative horror game that lets you fully experience the role of a soldier that is trapped in an infinite maze of sombre halls. Get out of there as fast as you can, fighting hundreds of aliens along the way.

Go deeper into the darkness

The most part of the game you are going to spend in the darkness, so you will never know where the danger is waiting. Carefully examine the halls and look for the hints. These vague scribbles will be useful, if you notice them in time.

However, in the heart of battle, you may miss them. In such a case, you will need to go back and wander around.

The visuals of the project are above praise. The experience you are going to receive will be unforgettable. Feel yourself as if you are watching an extremely realistic movie, but at the same time, you are the one who decides whether the main character lives or dies.

Get to the final

The monsters can appear everywhere, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear terrifying screams somewhere in the dusk. These ugly mutants won’t let you alone, so try to get them first. Eliminate them with a simple gun you are equipped with. Although, if you encounter more than one enemy, consider running away, as the combat here is quite complicated.

There is always a chance that your shot will miss, but the monsters can kill you with one attack. Quickly make your decision and follow the tactic you have come up with. There are no medications, as well, so each mistake may cost your life.

You will see no elements of interface on the screen, too. Although you don’t need to worry about the ammunition, you will never know when it is time to reload the gun. This may backfire on you while you will be fending off the monsters.

Moreover, there is no soundtrack, only the overbearing silence that will make you lend an ear to every sound you can capture. Your own footsteps will make you feel nervous and uneasy, not to mention the eerie noises that the creatures make.

The camera action in Deppart Prototype will add to the wholesome atmosphere and by the end of your journey, you are going to believe that you have done it with the hero. And you will definitely not regret all this way when you see the ending.