Deppart Prototype Demo

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Enjoy the phenomenal graphics in Deppart Prototype. Play this ultimate shooter and go through the fear you have never felt before! The project is currently supplemented by various updates, so there will be even more captivating details.

Get engaged in violent combat

The main hero, thrown in the middle of nowhere, will be forced to deal with creepy mutants that are living in this place. Nobody knows where they came from or what these creatures are exactly, but they are obviously unfriendly.

Avoid them or prepare for a long and draining battle. The creatures are surprisingly strong and fast which may result in sad consequences for you.

To be able to survive in such conditions somehow, you will be equipped with a nice gun. It may not be the most powerful one, but it still has an unlimited source of bullets. Use it to your advantage and try to put as many bullets in the monsters as you can, before they tear you into pieces.

Incredible action

Deppart Prototype is full of action that is alternated with the periods of intense wandering through the ominous building. Play and plunge into the overall depressing ambience. The absence of any loud noises makes it even more scary. You are forced to listen to every crack and squeak.

The game gives you no right to make mistakes. Any enemy can easily destroy you, so apply your cunning and logic and avoid dangerous confrontations. Lure the monsters on the more or less open space and shoot them one by one. This way you will be able to survive the attack. And forget about the medicines, as there is no way to improve your health.

The map is also not included, so you will need to have quite a good memory to get to the end. Although, you will still have little landmarks in the form of green scribbles on the walls. Try not to ignore them and you will achieve your aim quicklier.