Deppart Prototype Horror

In Deppart Prototype you are going to experience real terror. Take a walk down the murky halls of the abandoned building and face atrocious aliens. These nasty creatures will be waiting for you in the least expected places. So, prepare your weapon and fight back.

Get over your worst nightmare

You are going to dive into the terrifying atmosphere of the game from the very beginning. The character suddenly woke up in a strange room and now he needs to find an exit. But somehow the wandering on the building turns into a battle between the hero and a group of inhospitable monsters.

These humanoids seem to inhabit the house for quite a long time and they will definitely kill anyone who will venture to explore this construction. Fortunately, you still have your gun with you. See if you can eliminate all the monsters before they catch you off guard.

Watch the writings on the walls to find the right path. Remember that if you select the wrong route, you will have to deal with a horde of vicious humanoids. Try not to fall into the trap and get to your final destination alive.

Your journey will also be complicated by the absence of light. Use a flashlight to be able to navigate inside the building. And don’t forget to listen to the sounds carefully. The monsters can appear in the most inappropriate moments and you should be ready for that.

Check your shooting skills

To play Deppart Prototype, you have to acquire such a crucial skill as shooting. You will only have one gun, but the ammo is unlimited. Enjoy annihilating your enemies from a distance, or shoot them right in front of you. You are free to choose your own strategy.

Although, you will have to cope with the realistic motion. The aim will not be steady and you will have to pick up the right moment to pull the trigger. Given the fact that the opponents are moving as well, it looks like the game is quite difficult to play. But, while you will be running down the corridors, you will get used to it.

In addition, running itself is followed by a little motion, too. The faster you go, the more you will sway from one side to another. This effect will help you to feel as a single entity with the character. Help him confront the unfriendly inhabitants of this place and apply your logic to solve various riddles that will be standing on your way.