Deppart Prototype Update

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Play Deppart Prototype and try to escape the elaborate labyrinth inhabited with scary mutants. Although this game recently received an option to select several levels of difficulty, it is still for players that are into shooting. Your weapon is literally the only thing that will help you to stay alive.

However, before starting to shoot, you will need to get used to the unique motion system. The unsteady aim will make the task more interesting, but more challenging at the same time. And don’t forget that your opponents can swing from side to side.

You will play with only one attempt to escape the strange building, so don’t make thoughtless decisions! Stick to the trusted tactic and go further steadily but safely. There is no use in being in a hurry for another reason, as well. You can easily miss the guide marks that are supposed to lead you to the exit.

From the other side, slow pace means that you will have to stay in the dead silence, surrounded by the evil mutants for a longer time. Deppart Prototype will make you feel anxious and fear every sudden noise or motion. Light your way with an old flashlight and follow the guidelines to finally leave the building.

The location is generated again each time, so if you lose one round, you will have to start from the very beginning and memorise the location again. Considering the mutants’ ability to knock you out by one hit, you won’t want to bother them once again. So, gather your bravery and set to the unbelievable adventure into the darkness. What will you find there? Don’t hesitate and go straight to your aim.