Deppart Prototype

Deppart Prototype is an amazing horror that will frighten you in every way possible. Even though the gameplay is not too complicated and the main objective seems to be quite clear, the game still manages to captivate with its disturbing atmosphere.

Face the horrifying monsters

In Deppart Prototype you are going to delve into the endless corridors of an abandoned building. You will play for an unknown soldier who went on a mission and suddenly woke up in this strange place. Look around and try to find something that is going to help you to defend yourself.

Although this will be a simple task, you will already face some terrible screamer. Turns out that the facility is not so deserted. There are weird creatures that look very hostile. Their appearance suggests that you better make sure they don’t notice your presence. In addition, those spooky monsters make blood curdling screams that can easily catch you off guard.

Once you see such a monster, you may try to flee or use your weapon and get rid of it. The cool and convenient feature is that your ammo won’t end, so you won’t be left without an ability to fight back. But your opponents are surprisingly fast and you will have a chance to defeat them only in the open space.

Follow the instructions written on the walls to make an attempt to leave this place. Although, be careful, because you never know if the hint is correct or it is a trap. So, don’t hide your gun and go further into the building. You can stumble upon anything in the long corridors!

Get a full immersion into the dismay

The game offers you an unusual system of exploring space. You are going to feel as much as the hero himself as possible, due to the specific view. Camera will shake to the footstep of the character and at some point you may even feel as if you are wandering through the blurry passages yourself.

Shooting is also not the easiest task. Check your accuracy and the ability to make it in time, as the aim is to move slightly to imitate this action as in real life. This certainly adds a lot of realism in the project and makes the battles with the enemies more exciting and dynamic.

While you will be trying to develop a route through this labyrinth, you will be forced to solve some riddles. Turn the valves, open the right doors, shoot at the barrels and do other stuff in order to open the path. And if you do everything right, you will finally go through the exit and never return there.